100 + Attitude caption for Instagram | beautiful caption for Instagram

100 + Attitude caption for Instagram | beautiful caption for Instagram

Attitude caption for Instagram You have to decide what your highest priority is and have the courage to say “no” to other things.

1. Experience is the master of all things

Julio César knows that learning is based on the personal experience of each one and what they explain to you without having applied or experienced this knowledge.

2. Money cannot buy life

Bob Marley was a person very faithful to his principles and he understood perfectly that the best that life gives you and being alive cannot be had through money.

Karl Marx reminds us to pursue our goals or be an activist for the causes we believe in.

3. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

This famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche encourages us to continue our daily struggles despite failures, which he perceives as a source that nurtures our resistance.

Malcom X was the great activist who fought for the rights of the black population, and he encourages us to fight for what we want without fear of having critics. Understand that they are part of the process..

3 . Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened

For Dr. Seuss lament is nonsense, because instead of suffering we could celebrate that something that was not going well has ended and we can look forward again.

4 . Happiness is an address, not a place

The American journalist Sydney S. Harris invites us not to let ourselves think that our happiness depends on being in a particular place or situation.

5 . You can fool everyone for a while. You can fool some all the

time. But you can’t fool everyone all the time

Abraham Lincoln conveyed to us the need to bet on honesty and transparency as a way of life, since deception always ends up being an option that turns against you in the long term

6 . They can cut all the flowers, but they cannot stop spring.

Pablo Neruda is a master of poetry, and through this phrase he expresses that despite the repression, we must think about the power that goodness has.

The Dutch writer and activist Corrie Ten Boom expresses in this quote the value of memories to face the future, and not as something that always has to be linked to the past.

7 . Of men is to be wrong; crazy persisting in error

In this quote, the Roman politician, philosopher, writer and speaker Cicero states that it is okay to make mistakes, but that we have to learn from mistakes. Whoever makes a mistake and does not change his way of dealing with the evidence has a problem.

 8 . What worries you dominates you

The English empiricist philosopher John Locke is clear that worrying too much about things does us a disservice.

 9 . One is the owner of what is silent and a slave to what he speaks

Sigmund Freud expressed with this phrase that when you speak you can be in evidence for screwing up, while if you don’t say anything no one can question what you think

10 . Make love and not war

Simple and powerful. John Lennon was very clear that to live in a better world we had to love in any way possible.

11 . Courage is knowing what not to fear

Plato is very clairvoyant with this phrase, which expresses the importance of knowing what you are fighting against. When we are faced with something that we do not know we have many difficulties, but if we do know it we can find a way to do it much more easily.

12 . Beauty is a promise of happiness

The sociologist and philosopher Edmund Burke gives us to understand that sometimes we seek happiness through what we perceive through beauty. Promises may not always be kept.

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