200+ friendship day quotes for wife | i love my wife

200+ friendship day quotes for wife | I love my wife

Friendship day quotes for wife How nice it is to feel the need to have to give some beautiful words to the woman in your life with which you can express your most beautiful thoughts and your greatest wishes towards her and towards your relationship, it is one of the most beautiful things that can be achieved.Friendship day quotes for wife.


day quotes for wife

feel and therefore we want to help you to achieve it, and we have prepared for you to make your beloved woman happy the best lists of images, messages and phrases of love for my wife. So you no longer have an excuse to give away the best dedications, just choose your favorite …

Love Phrases For My Beloved Wife

1. I love your look when you wake up every morning, your smile and your good morning kiss. It is something that I hope to always enjoy until the end of my days. Every moment, I thank life for having you by my side and for the love we profess for each other.

2. We swore to love and respect each other for life, my love and that oath defines my life now. Only a loving marriage knows how to recognize and rejoice in true love.

3. Honey, you and I are not only husbands, but we maintain a beautiful friendship that leads us to face all difficulties with the security of having each other.

4. Your kisses are the fuel that leads me to face life with a smile and achieve our dreams. Your eyes inspire phrases of love for you, my beloved wife.

5. Although our marriage may have good and bad things, I always value the love we have for each other above all else. The most important thing in my life is you, my adored wife, and that is why I dedicate these phrases of love to you, my wife, because a great woman like you deserves to feel loved every second of her life.

6. The day we decided to unite our lives I gave you my heart, so that you would be its fierce guardian and its most tender protector.

7. Distance always causes problems. I am jealous, very jealous of the pillow where you rest your head and the sheets that cover your body, it is not fair that they are with you and I cannot be. I survive every second remembering the beautiful moments that we have lived together and those that are yet to be lived. Please my love, don’t take too long.

8. Your heart and soul is the only thing our family needs to be happy. Our children are very lucky to have such a wonderful mother and I am lucky to share my life and my heart with you. I love you my beloved wife.

10. You are a unique and special treasure, the best that can exist in this world and I swear my life, that I will always love you.

Love messages for a wife who is far away

11. You cannot imagine my love, how much I miss you. I started missing you from the moment we had to part. I know that we will soon be together again and that distance is necessary to achieve our goals. I love you my queen.


Friendship day quotes for wife
Friendship day quotes for wife


12. When we move away I feel like I can’t breathe and that they rob me of the will to live. There is no happiness when you are away from me. I love you madly my love and I count the seconds that remain so that we can finally be together again.

13. I wish I could always live by your side so that my heart never has to miss you. I need your kisses, your caresses, to feel your warmth in my arms. I hope your return is soon so that we can get back together.

14. You are a wonderful woman my beloved, I know that you are far away fighting for your dreams and your goals and although now I am sad and I feel that I cannot survive the distance, I will face it gladly, because I know that when we are together, all the sacrifice will be worth the sorrow.

15. I hope that the day of your return will come soon and that I will be able to see your face again when you wake up every morning. I count the minutes left to see us, to be able to fill you with the kisses that I did not give you and the hugs that I owe you for all these days of absence. I love you my love.


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