5 best exercises to tone your body at home more | body benefits

Best exercises to tone your body

5 best exercises to tone your body at home more | body benefits Physical exercise is one of the best options if we want to have good physical and psychological health .

However, some people, in addition to improving their health, do sports to lose fat or tone their body.

A routine of only 20 minutes

If you are one of those people who lack hours in a day because they are very busy, performing these exercises will not take you more than 20 minutes.  best exercises to tone your body  

Rest 2 minutes and repeat the routine 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

Losing  fat is more than just exercising

Losing  fat is more than just exercising
Losing  fat is more than just exercising

Now, let’s not fool ourselves, to see the results and tone we must have a percentage of body fat that allows us to see something more than fat tissue. . And to achieve this objective, physical, psychological and nutritional variables intervene that are not always taken into account.We have to be realist!

In addition, if our goal is to burn fat , we will have to eat in such a way as to produce a caloric deficit , that is, that we burn more than what we consume.

You can delve into these and other tips to lose fat in our post: ” How to lose belly: 14 tips to show off a slim figure ”

The best fat burning foods

As we discussed, nutrition is an important aspect. The essential thing is to be well nourished, because miracle diets can cause a rebound effect in the long run. Surely you wonder: and, then, what should I eat? Well, there are many foods that will be beneficial if what we want is to lose weight.

In our post 24 fat burning foods (and highly healthy) ” you will find the best options to achieve your goal. best exercises to tone your body 

5 exercises to tone your body quickly

You can do them from your own home, and you will only need a fitball, a wheel for abs and a dumbbell. Enjoy them!

1. Plank with leg lift

To carry it out, it is necessary that we stretch face down with our backs straight. We raise both arms and lean on our elbows. The feet should be pointed and we maintain the posture by making force with the core. We breathe without tension, and holding the posture, we lift the left leg. We hold on for a second and return to the starting position. We repeat with the other leg and repeat until we can hold the plank position with good form.

2. Burpee

Then, we bend down so that our palms are resting on the ground and the knees are bent. We put the legs together backwards in one go and we get into position as if we were going to do push-ups. Finally we return to the starting position: standing and with relaxed hands. We repeat the sequence 10 to 20 times.

3. Abdominal wheel

The abdominal wheel is an exercise that can be complex, but that provides many benefits for the abdominal area and, in addition, it tones.

To do this, get on your knees, with one hand on each side of the roller. Roll the roller forward and do until your body is extended and with your belly close to the ground. Extend as much as you can and when your body is extended, exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat it a maximum of 10 times.

4. Pelvic lift with fitball

This is another great exercise to tone up. To do this, you need to lie flat on the floor on your back with your arms resting at your sides and your knees bent on the fitball.

For its execution we must place ourselves stretched out on the floor on the back, with the arms resting on the sides of the body and the knees bent. We breathe in and push with our feet to separate the buttocks from the ground and raise them. We hold the position there for a few seconds and exhale while lowering the pelvis slowly without resting the buttocks on the surface.

5. Lunge with biceps

This exercise is ideal for toning and requires a great abdominal work , in addition to working the legs, buttocks and biceps.

best exercises to tone your body

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