EFFECTIVE GLUTE EXERCISES This year I will go to the gym” , “this year will reach the operation bikini ” “rid this year me of those extra kilos …” The New Year ‘s resolutions of 2020 surely we have disrupted a little …

Statistics tell us that gym registrations increase every January , but this 2020 they do not stop decreasing … In addition to eliminating certain prohibited foods if you want to be fit from our diet, a good way to start is to start by working the abdomen to eliminate that belly from over confinement.

But don’t forget to strengthen your legs , which will have lost muscle mass, or pay attention to your butt. That key area to get in shape and wear jeans in style.

Here we tell you the 5 simple and fundamental exercises for glutes with quick effects.

Gluteal exercises: Fire hydrant

This famous exercise called fire hydrant consists of lateral oscillations with the legs and is key to strengthening the glutes and the core of the body. To do it: First, you must get on your knees with the palms of your hands on the mat. All four axes at shoulder height. Next, keep both knees at a 90 degree angle, always keeping your back straight.

Once this position is achieved, lift one leg to the side until it is straight and parallel to the ground. After doing the repetitions that you consider appropriate according to your intensity level (15 for example for a medium intensity), put your knee back on the ground and do the same with the other leg.

Glute Exercises: Diagonal Leg Raise

The diagonal leg raise board is a very useful and simple exercise to work the buttocks as well as the hip muscles. To do this, first of all, we have to achieve the perfect position on the board with our feet hip-width apart. Once the position is achieved, we lift the leg and hold it up as much as possible. Once we have endured enough seconds of extension with one leg, we change to the other. And so, about 15 repetitions. It is very important to monitor the position of the head, which must be kept aligned with the neck to avoid damaging the neck, and also to control breathing throughout the exercise.

Glute exercises: lateral leg raises

The lateral leg lift is another very simple exercise to do at home and achieve a well-toned butt by working only with body weight, as is the case with calisthenics. The technique is easy: Get on your knees with your palms on the floor, with your knees aligned with your shoulders. Keeping the center of our body tight (navel inwards), we lift one leg to the side until it is more or less raised. For a few seconds, we hold it in the air and then we lower it. We do the same with the other leg and repeat with both the necessary times.

Gluteal exercises: the bridge

The bridge is an optimal exercise to harden the ass. In addition, it is super simple and can be done at home. To do this, lie down on a mat and bend your knees. Then, we move to put our feet close to the buttocks, always without passing the line of the knees, and we press with the heels while gradually lifting the hips, tightening the buttocks and the abdomen. We raise the hips until we get a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Thus, we hold for a few seconds and then lower, rest and repeat.

Glute exercises: squats

And of course … The famous and typical squats never fail. Unlike the rest of the recommended exercises, squatting correctly (that is, without injuring your knees) involves some difficulty. To get the position right: First, place your feet shoulder width apart. Meanwhile, do force in the abdominal part and look forward, with the head high. To do it correctly, you have to lean the back of the body back. Remember that the knees should be parallel to the feet and never exceed them when bent. Don’t round your back either.

Once you get the position right, pay attention to the movement as well. Don’t fall into the four main mistakes when squatting: Starting at the knees, pulling your knees in, bending your back, and raising your heels.

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