ESSENTIAL EXERCISES TO DO AT HOME Getting fit at home is easy if you know which exercises are best suited to your training routine. So, free yourself from the pressure of having to go to the gym! Your primary objectives should be: to locate the most spacious area of your home and acquire some sports equipment to create your own gym … We will give you the rest.

There are certain essential exercises that move large muscle groups . They are basic and very important in ‘fitness’ to start getting in shape and posing new challenges in the medium-long term … Among the muscle groups that you must work are the abdominals , without forgetting other exercises to work the biceps , buttocks and legs… Here we present the 5 best impressive exercises you can do at home

1. 5 Exercises to do at home: Abs

The abs are the first exercise to take into account when considering a workout at home without going to the gym. It is a very basic exercise and, at the same time, difficult to execute correctly, in its various versions. Its simplest execution: With the back on the ground, the knees bent and the hands on the neck, raise the abdomen with continuous repetitions.

Another fairly easy way to exercise this muscle group is to raise the legs in a parallel way and in each repetition, try to raise them as if they were touching the ceiling, while also exercising the abdomen. In any case, the benefits of these exercises are, first of all, to gain strength in this muscle area; second, exercise the different parts of the abdominals, and third, burn calories.

2. 5 Exercises to do at home: Push-ups

Another of the most simple exercises to do at home and get in shape without having to go to the gym is push-ups . This exercise is very important to develop the muscles of the chest and triceps , ideal therefore if you want to strengthen your arms and gain more strength in them as well as tone them. Push-ups go straight to the list of exercises that every fitness guru would recommend.

For its execution we must adopt a position of our body against the ground, leaning down, and then lifting the body with the arms only and then lower all the weight until it touches the ground, repeatedly.

3. 5 Exercises to do at home: Squat with dumbbells

The squat is a very important exercise to tone your entire body and burn calories at home. And its improved version is the dumbbell squat . It is not necessary to have the best weights in your home, and compete with the gym. Just a few simple dumbbells of little weight, easy to buy in any fitness store.

This exercise is difficult to perform accurately, but don’t get hung up on getting it perfect. To do a dumbbell squat it is necessary to achieve the perfect position of arms and legs. Since in the arms we are going to have the dumbbells, we have to put them in flexion. Meanwhile we have to put the trunk upright and the head looking straight ahead. Once this position is achieved, we lower the body by bending the knees at the same time that we lower the dumbbells to work the arms.

4 . 5 Exercises to do at home: Jumping Jacks

The so-called “jumping jacks” may seem very simple at first, but are nevertheless very beneficial for warming up and exercising the body as a whole. In fact, in many repetitions, they can generate a lot of caloric expenditure.

Its execution is based on opening and closing the legs while performing a small jump on the spot, opening and closing the arms in turn. All this while tightening the abdomen, and always taking care of the joints. To control repetitions you can use one of these technological fitness gadgets , a smartwatch or a fitness app for mobile.

5. 5 Exercises to do at home: Burpees

The burpees are the ideal exercise to do at home and probably one of the most complete of all. This is a movement made up of different parts that is part of calisthenics exercises , since you only need your own body weight to execute it.

To carry it out, it is necessary to start from the following position: We stand with our feet apart in such a way that they are parallel to the shoulders, specifically we must put our feet slightly outwards.

Once the position is achieved, we bend our arms and knees. Once at this point, you have to bend to the point of touching the ground, and after extending your arms, do a ‘frog jump’. Once the jump is done, bring the legs together again and straighten the whole body, standing again and do the final jump.

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