8 most important and best tips yoga practice in morning

8 most important and best tips yoga practice in morning

1. Try to practice yoga every day.

best tips yoga practice At first you will need someone to guide you and find level 1 classes to get a base and then be able to practice it at home as well. Doing it frequently will improve your concentration, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your willpower.

2. Try to practice in the morning or at night always respecting the same schedule as much as possible. Do your sun salutations to relax your body and create your routine.

3. In yoga, regularity is preferable to intensity . This is why we recommend that you start with between three or four asanas every day. Start with the easy ones, don’t try to force your body. Little by little you will get much more flexibility.

4. If you are one of those who prefer to start with yoga at home rather than attend group classes, you should reserve a space to perform the exercises. This space will be your corner. Minimize distractions and turn off all the technological elements that you have around. If you do it on the street, find a comfortable and shady place. Don’t forget to take some rope with you for stretching.


5. Use a mat to support your body on a flat surface . Keep in mind that they should always be surfaces where your feet do not slip in order to perform all the postures comfortably.

6. Wear comfortable clothing . Choose clothes that fit well and keep in mind that if you are going to focus on the meditation part it may be that you get cold so it would be convenient to have a sweatshirt nearby.

7. It is advisable to have bare feet or with non-slip socks , so as not to reduce our mobility due to slippers. Keep in mind that socks can make you slip, so if you opt for this option, it is best to choose special ones with non-slip rubber on the sole.

8. If you use elements such as ropes, balls, always have them at hand. If you have to go looking for them, the most likely thing is that your mind will be distracted and you will lose concentration.

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