Birthday messages for a cousin 50 Beautiful birthday messages for cousin

Birthday messages for a cousin | Beautiful happy birthday messages for a cousin

Birthday messages for a cousin If your cousin is on her birthday and you can’t think of anything to say to her, don’t worry. Here you will find a list of birthday greetings for a cousin, where you can find the best words to dedicate to her day.

Today I want to wish a woman, of whom I am extremely proud and whom I love with all my heart. Happy Birthday cousinĀ 

I want to tell you that more than a cousin, for me you are like a sister and a great friend, whom I have been able to count on at every stage of my life. Therefore, I take advantage of the fact that it is your birthday to tell you how much I love you and how much I appreciate that you are my family. Happy Birthday!


To my favorite cousin, today I want to wish you a day of joy and a lifetime of happiness, because it is your birthday and you deserve the best wishes of abundance and prosperity.


It is not easy to find birthday words for a cousin as good as you, but at least I want to tell you that you are a special being, who is impossible not to love.


Birthday messages for a cousin
Birthday messages for a cousin

Happy birthday, honey! I wish you the best.

I hope that heaven surprises you with a shower of emotions and beautiful memories, because you deserve that your day is the most special. Happy Birthday cousin!

Every day is beautiful, but this one has something very special, and that is, your birthday! Congratulations beautifull. Blessings to you.

It’s your birthday, dear cousin, and we all want to wish you the best of the best. Congratulations!

On your birthday, I ask heaven that fate will bring you many good things, because you are an extraordinary human being and you deserve nothing less than great happiness. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday cousin! You are one of my greatest treasures.
The day has dawned much more beautiful, because God knows that it is the birthday of someone special and wants to cheer them up with simple details. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time.

Although to many it seems like an ordinary day, for me it is a really important date, because I celebrate that my favorite cousin is on her birthday. Congratulations, honey, have a wonderful time.

You don’t know the pride I feel when I say that you are my cousin, because I know that in the world there is no woman as kind, kind and loving as you, and having you in my family is a huge fortune.

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your day, dear cousin, I hope you enjoy with the whole family and that you receive lots of gifts that fill you with joy. Love you very much.

Best birthday wishes to a special someone, whom I know I can count on when I need it most. Congratulations cousin! You deserve the best.

today we are two adults who, although they no longer play together, still love each other very much. Happy Birthday cousin. God bless you.

So many moments we spent together that I am happy to remember. Best of all, we keep adding new anecdotes to tell, and I know we still have a lot more to experience. Happy Birthday cousin!

My favorite cousin is on her birthday and I want to dedicate some nice words to her so that she never forgets that she is very special. Happy Birthday cousin! Because there is no one in the family who I love more than you and with whom I want to share all my crazy things.

I remember when we would play dolls together and idealize our future, hoping to be great women, with a nice family.

I thank God and my uncles for having brought you to this world, and I cannot imagine life if you had not been born. Happy Birthday cousin!

Dear cousin, I want to wish you a happy day and tell you that, no matter how long it takes or how old we are, you will always have me by your side to support you, love you and take care of you. Happy Birthday!

I hope you get tons of gifts today and have a wonderful birthday, because you deserve it. Happy Birthday cousin!

Having you in my family is a huge blessing, because with your smile and your witticisms you fill my life with great emotion, and that is why I adore you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to my favorite cousin! I want you to know how much I love you and that in my heart I keep the best wishes for you, hoping that they will soon come true and that I can see you surrounded by much happiness.

A new year has granted you life, and what joy to be able to share it with you and as a family. I hope you take this opportunity and build a world of happiness. Happy Birthday!

Cousin, I can’t be by your side but I send you this congratulation with great affection, so that your day will brighten and fill you with joy.

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