Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting

This query is more common than you imagine, mainly in the initial phase of a project, which is when hosting services have to be hired for the web and it is not very clear if a Shared Hosting is better or if on the contrary a Dedicated Hosting is the right bet.

Since the emergence of CloudLinux in the market for servers with the GNU / Linux operating system, the physical resources assigned to the Hosting accounts are not a problem and it is possible to be hosted for a small price without your website being affected by the resources that other accounts can consume.

Translated to a more common context, I would say that Web Hosting is like renting an apartment between several friends / acquaintances or strangers with whom you share in addition to expenses, the kitchen, the bathroom and common services, while a Dedicated Hosting would be like renting your own apartment where you enjoy all the services but also assume their maintenance and expenses.

What types of common Hosting exist?

There are as many Hosting services as there are ways to manage them, but the most common are these 4:

Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting
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Performance is the key

Performance is one of the most important aspects to consider as it determines, among others, the loading times, the famous “first byte”, the amount of memory allocated and other resources necessary to keep a website active and accessible.

Most users who access your website expect it to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to leave when the website is not loaded in 3 seconds.

Possibly almost 79% of Hosting users who have problems with the performance of their website will not hire this service again and approximately 44% of them will comment in their circles of influence on the experience suffered in certain web hosting services.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing

It is evident that the needs of your web projects are what will mark the decision to choose the type of Hosting you need. Some of the questions you should ask yourself are listed below.

What type of web projects are you going to host?

What volume of web traffic will your websites have?

Do you have a forecast of major traffic peaks?
Are you going to host one or more websites on the same Hosting?
Are you going to install any specific software (script) or Apps?
Do you need private SSL Certificates?
Do you need dedicated IP?
Security is very important. Do you need personalized or special security?
Do you need a lot of data processing power?
What is your budget?
… Other questions that occur to you.
In this simple table I will show you some common questions (FAQs) that you should ask yourself before opting for a Shared or Dedicated Hosting service.

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