Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn quest: 5/5 explained in 2021

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn quest: 5/5 explained in 2021

Nascent Dawn We show you how to get the Spear Polaris Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2. A weapon that you can only obtain by completing an exceptional adventure and its respective steps.

The most special weapons of Destiny 2 are known as exceptional weapons (popularly called exotic ) and some of them will cost special effort to obtain your collection and enjoy the game of Bungie.

From Vandal on the occasion of our Destiny 2 tips and tricks guide, we want to show you below, specifically, what you will have to do step by step to get and unlock the Lanza Polaris scout rifle, an exotic energy damage weapon that it can only be obtained by performing an exceptional adventure.

How to get the Spear Polaris rifle


Nascent Dawn
Nascent Dawn

This energy damage rifle (and solar elemental) has two interesting advantages, on the one hand its magazine gains ammunition with precision hits and its stability is increased when dealing damage to enemies. Next we will tell you step by step what you need to get it.

Complete The Strategist campaign

The first thing you will have to do is completely overcome the Destiny 2 Strategist campaign . Once this is done, Ana Bray will give you two exceptional adventures in your inventory, the one that interests us to get the Polaris Lance is called Dawn. Nascent , which is divided into 5 different parts.


Nascent Dawn
Nascent Dawn

Rising Dawn 1/5

you will have to complete these 5 parts that can be somewhat tedious (at the time to perform each part you had to wait a week of real time, but now it can be done all at once without waiting). In this beginning of Nascent Dawn, you will be tasked with three different objectives:



Nascent Dawn
Nascent Dawn

Complete 3 patrols.
Complete 1 Lost Sector.
Deactivate 1 sleep node.

The dream nodes are scattered across Mars and have a pyramidal appearance . To be able to deactivate this initial, you will first need to have four Resonance Stems , which are achieved by carrying out public events or patrols. By having four of these stems you can join them to form a cancellation frequency .

With this frequency in your possession, you only need to take a look at its description in the inventory to see where the dream node is located (for example, in Dynamo-Observation-Gate). When you discover where it is, go to that place and interact with it (the music that the object emits will help you find it).

Rising Dawn 2/5

Having done the above, if you return with Ana you will activate the second step of the adventure. In this step you will have these objectives:

Take 25 kills with the Valkyrie.

Complete the Heroic Operation Zionic Potential.

Deactivate 1 sleep node.

Two ways of doing it are recommended for casualties; On the one hand, you can activate a protocol and use a code from the Rasputin armory to obtain a javelin or perform the war satellite event for free in which you can get javelins as a reward.

Regarding the dream node, this time do not worry about creating a cancellation frequency, since from here the position of the same will be revealed to you without the need for this object. So look for it where it is indicated and voila. At the end of the step Ana will reward you with the Braytech RWP MK. II , or what is the same, the Polaris Lance in its legendary version.

Rising Dawn 3/5

We go with the objectives of the third adventure step:

Complete 10 waves of augmentation protocol (it is worth completing level 1 up to ten times if you do not want to complicate your life).

Complete 3 Vanguard Assaults .

Deactivate 1 sleep node.

Upon successful completion of these tasks Ana will give you the Braytech RWP MK again. II but in its version of a masterpiece .

Rising Dawn 4/5

The rifle that Ana has given us is necessary for the fourth step of the adventure:

Perform 5 multiple precision kills without reloading.


Get 20 kills with Prototype Scout Rifle.

For this pair of objectives any public event or Lost Sector will serve you . Completing this will trigger an Io quest titled Fury . Go do it, it doesn’t have much mystery. Once completed you will have to go to deactivate a new sleep node, as you have done with the previous ones. And finally after all this Ana will reward you with the exotic Polaris Lance .

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