Food combinations that will help you lose weight | Tips

Food combinations that will help you lose weight | Tips


Food combinations that will help you lose weight Did you know that spicy foods, like cayenne, help you lose weight thanks to their capsaicin content? This compound is ideal to accelerate metabolism and burn fat

In many cases losing weight does not depend solely on doing sports or eating a balanced diet . Indeed, a number of other factors also come into play, such as food combinations.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the most appropriate if your intention is to lose weight in a healthy way.

Take note, and you will notice.

1. Vegetables plus egg

If you mix vegetables with egg, especially if it is boiled egg , you will get a delicious and very nutritious dish. And it is that eggs favor the absorption of carotenoids. These are the pigments that give vegetables their color, and they are a great ally in weight loss diets.

Vegetables plus egg
Vegetables plus egg

In this way, the hard-boiled egg will become the perfect ingredient to add to your salads.

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2. Tuna with ginger

Ginger is a food that facilitates good intestinal transit and is responsible for accelerating gastric emptying , in such a way that there is a blockage of the enzymes that promote inflammation. For its part, tuna contains a type of omega 3 that prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

3. Chicken and cayenne pepper

Combining chicken and cayenne pepper is a very effective recipe if you are looking to lose weight.

Chicken is a food rich in protein that helps to generate a feeling of fullness for longer. Thus, it will help us reduce our calorie intake in the following meals.


Chicken and cayenne pepper
Chicken and cayenne pepper

On the other hand, in the case of cayenne pepper, it is a condiment that is responsible for accelerating fat burning and reducing appetite .

4. Melon and grape

If you like fruit , you should include the combination of melon and grape in your routine, since, thanks to its properties, it will allow you to lose weight.

Melon is a natural diuretic that will help us avoid fluid retention.
For its part, grapes have a very powerful antioxidant gthat is also very suitable for reducing fat accumulation.

Thus, we are faced with an ideal mixture to avoid swelling and fluid retention.

5. Spinach and avocado oil

On the one hand, avocado oil will help you improve cholesterol levels and, in addition, it should be remembered that it is an excellent food that contains vitamins B and E and minerals such as potassium.




On the other hand we find the spinach that will make your feeling of satiety arrive earlier. In addition, they are an ingredient that provides very few calories to your dishes.
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6. Corn and legumes

The mixture of corn and legumes is another of the great combinations that will help you take care of your line and reduce measurements. Diets that include legumes once a week are more effective for weight loss than one that provides the same calories but does not include them.


Corn and legumes
Corn and legumes


Corn is a food that increases the slimming effect, since it contains a resistant starch that makes the body unable to absorb much of the calories and glucose that are ingested.

7. Potatoes and pepper

Believe it or not, potatoes are more filling than whole grains and are rich in potassium . To achieve our purpose it is best to eat them cooked or roasted, without butter or other seasonings.

The best option will be to season them with pepper: this way you will be able to interfere in the formation of new fat cells and, therefore, you will avoid gaining weight.

8. Coffee and cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice rich in antioxidants and is responsible for reducing the flaccidity of the belly. For its part, coffee is responsible for reducing appetite. If you want to lose a few kilos, nothing better than having a coffee with cinnamon to start the day.

Coffee and cinnamon
Coffee and cinnamon


Other recommendations
The key is not to combine products that contain:

  • Proteins and carbohydrates
    Proteins and starches
    Starches and sugar
    Sugar and fat
    Fruits with sugar

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