happy birthday my mother | Happy birthday, cute mommy

happy birthday my mother | Happy birthday, cute mommy


happy birthday  my mother Happy birthday, cute mommy. The truth is that no material gift is enough on your birthday because no gift can thank you for everything you have given me. I am proud to be your son and I hope you never forget that the most important thing in my life is you. I love you


For the bravest, most tender and most kind woman I know; For you, my mother, there is this special greeting from a son who can never give you back for everything you have given him. I hope this day is really special and that you remember that in my heart you will always have the greatest place. Happy birthday, my mother.

The years have passed and although in your face some lines are already noticed and in your hair some white threads I know that your heart is the same as 15 years ago. The joy that characterizes you has not been lost nor your sense of humor, I adore every detail of you, mother and I hope to continue seeing that light in your eyes for many more years. Happy birthday, cute mommy.

Mother, the words are not enough to tell you what I feel for you, to show you my gratitude and my eternal love for you. Today that is your birthday I want everything to be special because a person like you deserves that and much more. Happy birthday, mommy, woman fighter who taught me to be brave even in the worst hours. I love you.

Having you one more year by my side is a blessing that God has given me and I hope to receive that blessing many more years. Happy birthday, pretty mother, thank you for so much love, for so much patience, therefore, sacrifice. Today I will try to give you back at least a little of everything you have given me by making you have a beautiful birthday.

Since I was born you have given me the greatest gift on earth life and, in addition, an unconditional love. My little mother, today that is your birthday I want to fill you with kisses and hugs, gifts that show you that I will always be grateful for having been and continue being a loving and exemplary mother. Happy birthday mommy!

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