How to download Google Play Store apk file for android mobile

How to download Google Play Store apk file for android mobile

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How to download Google Play Store apk file
How to download Google Play Store apk file

Download Google Play Store Free

If you want to download the Google Play Store for free on your Android device, it will surely be because you want to enjoy all the advantages that the Google application store for smartphones and tablets provides. So, if you are one of the lucky ones to have a smart device with the Android operating system (whatever it is), we will see below all the steps to follow in order to download the latest version from Google Play (also known as the Play Store) completely free and in a few simple steps.

The variety of Android devices is truly endless and today we can find Android smartphones and tablets of any brand or even devices from China, which are much cheaper. Whatever your case, the important thing is that you make sure, before starting the process, that you have a smart device and it works through the Android operating system since otherwise we will not be able to install the Play Store on your mobile since It will be compatible and we must opt ​​for other application stores compatible with our smartphone, such as the App Store in the case of iPhones and iPads, or the Windows Phone Store in the case of smart devices that work with the system. Windows operating for mobiles and tablets.

The advantages of downloading the Play Store for free on your smartphone or tablet are immense and thanks to it we can have all the Android games and applications on our device without problems and we can also synchronize all the downloads made through a Google Plus account so Automatic backup copies will be made to ensure that information is not lost in the event of loss, theft or malfunction of the device in question. Installing the Google Play Store is really simple and we just have to follow a few simple steps to have everything prepared and start enjoying the Google application store for our Android, are you ready?

Important notice : You cannot download the Play Store for iPad, iPhone, or Windows Phone. The Play Store or Google Play is the application store par excellence and exclusively for Android. The iPad and the iPhone have the App Store. While Windows Phone, it has the Windows Phone Store.

How to Download Google Play Store for Free – Step by Step

To download the Google Play Store for free on your Android device, you just have to follow these simple steps that we leave you below (it is very important that you follow the steps as discussed here, otherwise you may not be able to perform the process correctly) :

  • The first step is to go to  Settings> About device (smartphone or tablet) and check which is our Android version.
  • We now access Google download pages from the Android device search engine
  • Once inside, we will download the latest version .
  • To download it we must click on the button above
  • We will download an APK file and we simply have to access the Downloads section of our Android smartphone or tablet and look for the previously downloaded file in .APK format.
  • Once found, we click “Install” and the latest version will be installed on your device quickly and easily.


How to download Google Play Store apk file
How to download Google Play Store apk file

NOTE : “It is very important to have the” unknown sources “function activated on your mobile, as this will allow you to install files downloaded from the internet on your own.” To do this, we will have to go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources and activate the function.

  • When the installation process is finished, we will simply have to access the apps panel and look for the Google Play Store icon to verify that everything has been correctly accessing the application store. Everything ok? Well, start enjoying!

If you have had problems during the process to complete the installation of the latest version of Play Store for Android, we will be happy if you leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and we will help you in everything we can. If, on the other hand, everything went great during the download and installation process, we just have to congratulate you, you did it!
As you may have seen, downloading the Play Store for free on your Android is a really simple processand without any conflicts or inconveniences during it, so following the steps mentioned above you should not have any problem downloading and installing Google Play Store for free. We hope you liked it and if so, we would appreciate it if you share the article on social networks and give us a +1 on Google. In addition to downloading the Play Store for free.

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