How to Download Whatsapp apk file latest version in 2020

How to Download Watsapp  apk file latest version in 2020

Description of Watsapp

How to Download Wasap Free (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry and more)


Download Watsapp  apk file
Download Watsapp  apk file


Whatsapp , also known as WhatsApp or Whatsapp , is one of the most popular applications in the world of mobile devices and is that in addition to being a completely free app (or almost depending on which mobile platforms) it allows us to start a conversation through text messages, share and send photos, share loc
ations, send multimedia content such as audio, voice notes and more, and for a few days now it has allowed us to make FREE CALLS, something we have been waiting for a long time.

Download the app is completely free  and becomes one of the main concerns of all users when a new mobile device is acquired, regardless of whether it be an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or any other supported platform device is that Nowadays, if you do not have a smartphone compatible with this app, it seems that you do not exist and you stop finding out about family news, meetings with friends and much more.

That is why hundreds of people around the world look for it every day, and that is what we are going to explain to you today with this article that we present below. In addition, we are not only going to explain how to download Wasap (or WhatsApp) for free on your Android mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia or any other, but we will also briefly explain how it works and what you should do so that it is perfectly configured on your smart mobile .

Download Wasap for free in its latest version 2015

Watsapp app is compatible with the majority of mobile devices currently on the market and even if you don’t know exactly what your device is, it is very likely that it is completely compatible with the latest version of Wasap, launched with free voice calls. However, it is of the utmost importance that you know which operating system your smartphone uses since it will depend on that, after all, the file you must click to download directly to your phone.


Download Wasap apk file
Download Wasap apk file


If you have an Android device, which is currently the operating system par excellence in most smartphones, pay attention. Installing it for free will be very easy and fast since you can directly access the Android application store, known as the Play Store (or Google Play, depending on the device you have), look for the name of the app in the magnifying glass and it will quickly appear the world’s most popular instant messaging app in search results ready to download and install. If you prefer, you can also click on the link on the tab to download the Wasap application for free on your Android mobile.

In case you want to download the APK , you can do it from the download button that you will find above. Below you will find more information on how to install the APK file on your Android.


If, on the other hand, your device is an iPhone, Apple’s smartphone, downloading the new version will be even easier. You simply have to access the App Store from your iOS device and search for it by name. In the search results you will see the latest version ready to be installed. Now you just have to click to install the app for FREE. (100% FREE) You can do it directly from your iPhone if you access the link above to download Wasap for free for iPhone in its latest version.

Windows Phone

More and more users are opting for a smartphone with Windows Phone, Microsoft’s operating system designed and optimized for mobile devices. If that is your case, you are surely looking for an effective solution to be able to download Watsapp for free on your Windows Phone, so you simply have to access the Windows Phone application store (Windows Store) and search for the app directly from the search engine. However, you can always directly access the link above to get it on your smartphone.


The BlackBerry still represent a true symbol in mobile telephony and it is that they were pioneers in the intelligent world as we know it today. If you are a true BlackBerry lover and want to have the messaging app on your smartphone with a physical keyboard , what are you waiting for? Access the BlackBerry World and enter the name of the app you want to download. As in the previous cases, we provide below the direct link to download Wasap on your BlackBerry for free.

Unfortunately, since the latest updates to the instant messaging app have been released, it is no longer possible to have it for Blackberry for free . The company recently announced that it would stop supporting Wasap applications other than for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. In this way, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and other unsupported platforms would be left out.

Install Wasap APK for free on Android

After downloading the free APK on your smartphone, we must proceed to install the .APK file (in the case of Android) or similar. To do this we simply have to go to Settings> Security . Once in the Security tab of our mobile, we must look for the option named ” Unknown origins ” and activate said box.

Once this box is activated, we will have to look for the .APK file downloaded previously and click on it . In those moments, it will be installed for free on your Android mobile and it will be a matter of seconds so that you can start talking uncontrollably and without paying a single penny with all your friends, family, acquaintances … Also, you must remember that From now on, the Wasap allows you to make free voice calls to all contacts with a compatible device, so you can also talk on the phone for FREE . Isn’t it cool?

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