How to Save PDF File in MS Word ? Create PDF File Using MS Word

By | November 30, 2020

How to Save PDF File in MS Word ? Create PDF File Using MS Word

How to Save PDF File in MS Word It is often a problem that how can we generate our PDF file with Microsoft Word, then print
It sounds strange but this thing is real, if you guys create any project, now Microsoft Within Word, after preparing a project, the only thing that you have to convert to PDF is that we You can easily do that method within Microsoft Word, today we are writing a simple solution for this A little extension comes that needs to be installed if you have problems.

The video below By following this, you can get the tension and download it and make your PDF file To make your project more beautiful. So what to do for this is to go to Google and type it
it happens.

Microsoft Word then PDF Generator. After this search, you have to install this extension With which you install, it automatically gets added to the Microsoft Word software and as you Microsoft If you save any file of Word, then a separate option will come from where you can download PDF from Microsoft Word.

Can be saved in the file. For the rest of the information, you can watch the video below.

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