Josh Miller Missing – Found

Josh Miller Missing – Josh Mille realized something was peculiar when his agreeable companion quit messaging him back subsequent to making a beeline for George Street — the popular bar strip in John’s — five years prior. The subsequent warning was stopped in the city outside Dunphy’s home in John’s — Josh Miller’s dearest new Dodge Charger. He hadn’t return to guarantee it.

Where is Josh Miller?

He had two positions, heaps of companions and an arrangement for what’s to come. In the early morning long stretches of Feb. 9, 2013, Miller came toward the east finish of the city. Agents say they are sure of it. Where the 20-year-old college understudy followed escaping a taxi on Blue Puttee Drive has left everybody scratching their heads. “Josh Miller was an individual who had plans for a future,” said Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Insp. Tom Warren, who explored the case.

“He had applications into different situations outside of the two spots he was utilized. “Mill operator was a college understudy with fantasies about turning into a cop. He was a diligent employee and held two positions. One at a home improvement shop, the other as a bouncer. Warren doesn’t really accept that Miller ended it all. Nor does he trust Miller basically left his companions, family and two positions behind.

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