Kenny Guillot Obituary – Cause of Death

Kenny Guillot Obituary ​–  One of my more youthful siblings, I have 3, Kenny Guillot is in helped living in Baton Rouge. He is a legend in Louisiana Football and in the Hall of Fame. He played football at Northwestern in Natchitoches Louisiana and Coached High School Football his whole profession. A calling went out to all Louisiana sports fans this week. I love him and went to be with him a week ago. A clashing get-together… ..

Recognitions For Kenny Guillot

Kenny was known as The Godfather of mentors on Baton Rouge TV, is an individual from Northwestern States undefeated public title in 60s, s a corridor of notoriety mentor that trained at McNeese and Nicholls state, and Tara and Woodlawn, also totally pivoting Parkview Baptist football issue, the originator of the Australian punter and perhaps in particular to this board a devoted ally and companion to LSU consistently. Also, perhaps in particular a sort and respectable individual that has consistently tried to do he said others should do, difficult work, devotion, trustworthiness, reasonable play and great sportsmanship, “old school” It is with crushing sadness and our most profound sympathies that we report the unexpected passing of Kenny Guillot, who died at 76 on Sunday morning, through online media presents posted on Twitter on April 19, 2021

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