150 + love shayari in english | best love shayari in english

By | December 20, 2020

150 + love shayari in english | best love shayari in english

love shayari in english Hello my dear friends if you are looking for quotes of love impressions in English, now your search is complete, today we bring you the latest Love Message for Girl Impress ( love message for my girlfriend in English , love message for girlfriend , message of love for my girlfriend, love message for a girlfriend, sweet words to tell a girl to fall in love with you, sweet words to say to a girl to love you ,

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So dear friends, if you like our love messages, write to us, please write a message to all your friends, love quotes, have fun and blessings.

God has oppressed us both,
giving you beautiful body and giving me love

ove shayari in english

  • What should I exemplify your simplicity?

    You are an exemplary beauty in all this world

  • God has tortured us both,

    Giving you beauty and

    loving me Giving you beauty and making love to me.ove shayari in english

  • What do beauties need to decorate my dear?

    Why do beauties need to be groomed?

    They love perdition even in simplicity.

  • Are you in my memories or are you in me?

    Are you in my thoughts, or I think you are…

    love Ask them, the same thing over and over again ..

    My life is you or my life is us you

  • someone likes me, I tell you.

    If someone gives you tantrums, tell me.

    I love you, everyone will tell you.

    someone says like us, I’ll die without you.

Love Message For My Girlfriend In English


  • Don’t open your heart by putting words on your lips.
    You are my love
    Have love you are my life
    I can listen to you with your heart.


  • Today we will make them cry a lot ..
    I have heard that she has a habit of crying on her shoulder.


  • The lips are like the leaf written on its rose,
    If you hold your finger
    then you live to study love.
  • What will this mirror give you?
    News of your personality
    Get out of our eyes and ask
    If you are so beautiful my life
  • Of course we are lovers
    we make millions of love I really you
    You to do with making my love from the heart.
    My heart



  • me like that without knowing you I only like what you like you want your heart
  • Sometimes you call me your own heart
    Look, my love, we keep calling you ours!


 a holy girl from heaven by an angel
You had a love story my love
The test was only about the Noor of nature,
You were a sign of life my love


 I do if you don’t know my heart
What do I do if you don’t know my thoughts
But I love you so much my life
I see you every night in my dreamslove shayari in english

I wish there was a reserve of happiness
We would also recognize it, if my love
Fill your life with happiness my love
It is your beautiful love life… !!

May the sun not set yet, may it be a small afternoon;
I will return myself, let me succeed;
Why are you looking for an excuse to discredit me?
I’ll become a bad name myself first! my love

Love message for girlfriend, love shayari in english


One day crying after smiling at you I
miss that once I’m gone
The heart only hurts for him my heart of love
After expressing so much love that it couldn’t be yours

Relationships and water to are similar.
Neither color, nor any shape,
But still of the existence of life
The most important thing for. my love

Oh God … you would not have made your heart of glass,
Then the breaker would have at least suffered the wound

My heart wants to kiss your lips.
He wants to live life with you.
There will be thousands like you in this world.
We want but you very much.
But I want to spend my life with you.

your lips sweet love
Feel with my lips
Turn off your lips my life

love shayari in english

Your love is fast, make us angry
Let the heart be in the heart
Today we just touch the lips
Say something we say something you.
That you are a little love before my life

We could part with you
I could bring the words of the heart to our lips
How many innocents we love, my life
But no one else comes to my heart except you

Love message for

How anxious I am yours, just keep calm.
I wish he would come and tell us with great love.
Your distance will be very far love
Wait a moment with a little love

Of your love to ask you i love
I just loved you, I didn’t want anything from you…!

Now almost nobody loves me except you
You can see clearly in my eyes …

love shayari in english

Let’s auction our wishes
Much love is common
You carry your name with us
We make our life in your name.

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