Pirates of the caribbean order

Pirates of the caribbean order

 Pirates of the caribbean order, I did a bunch of searching to try and find the in-universe timeline, but the best I could discover was that 1–3 take place between 1720 & 1750 and On Stranger Tides took place in 1750. With some further guesswork based on #4 being in 1750 I came up with this Pirates of the Caribbean Timeline.

  1. The Curse of the Black Pearl: 1735
  2. Dead Man’s Chest: 1737
  3. At World’s End: 1738
  4. On Stranger Tides: 1750
  5. Dead Men Tell No Tales: 1760

The only date that is definite is On Stranger Tides: 1750. The rest I worked backwards on, making some guesses and assumptions that could very very easily be wrong.

For example, at the end of At World’s End we see Will has a grown child. I read somewhere that he was 12. Since #4 is 1750 we can guess that #3 ended in 1738. #3 happened along the same time as #2, but I made it a full year since traveling times weren’t exactly quick back then. And there was some time between 1 & 2, and there was some time during 1 so I made it a 2 year gap overall.

Dead Men Tell No Tales EDIT:
So I just got around to watching this (loved it by the way) so I adjusted the timeline slightly and I’m adding this in. I’ve heard different theories on this timeline, but this is the one I believe. Here’s my reasoning on DMTNT.

So at the end of On Stranger Tides we see Will standing with his son. The opening of Dead Men Tell No Tales involves his son. It seems to me that this couldn’t have happened at the same time, but instead is likely to be about a year later. Which would put the start of the film at 1751. The film skips to 9 years later for the real start of the film. Which would put Henry at 21/22 or so which seems to make more sense than the 17 I’ve read elsewhere.

Anyway, this isn’t gospel, just my own personal best guess.

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