BEST EXERCISES TRICEPS Mark triceps … How do I get it? It is true that this muscle group in our arms is the great forgotten in our training routines… Unlike its ‘cousins’, the biceps . But if we want to mark arms, exercises for biceps and triceps are essential. They do not exist without the other.

However, as is known, the triceps area is more difficult to exercise (and isolate) when it comes to achieving greater muscle development.

Just as sets are recommended for the biceps only, as well as other areas such as abdominal exercises , it is important to do exercises for the triceps only. And yet, working in isolation is more difficult. Besides, being a smaller muscle (and less exercised) it is easier to tire it …

But there is a solution.

To achieve the desired hypertrophy in this muscle area, all you have to do is do a series of 7 exercises with a reasonable number of repetitions, using machines and dumbbells. It is even possible to combine them with some exercises at home if you have the necessary material. With these exercises you will mark triceps (finally) and your arms will look impressive in a T-shirt … Don’t you believe us?BEST EXERCISES TRICEPS

1. 7 basic exercises to mark triceps: Seated elbow extension

One of the main exercises to work the triceps is the elbow extension while sitting on the machine. You need a dumbbell to a bar, which we put over the top extending the arms above the head until flexing them backwards in such a way that the arms acquire an angle of 9 °.



Once the technique is achieved, it is important to do a significant number of repetitions to allow the muscles to reach the sufficient intensity that is needed to work this area of the arm that we usually forget about.

One-Hand Dumbbell Extension

This exercise is similar to the previous one but seeks to exercise the triceps in a different way. In this case, the objective is to work each arm in isolation and therefore, it may be a more effective way for those who have difficulties with the rest of the exercises. In any case, you have to be careful with the weight used.

The first step is to contract the abdomen and spread the feet to the distance of the feet. Once the position is achieved, the dumbbell is placed behind the head with the elbow bent, to then contract the biceps and lift the dumbbell until the arm is fully extended.

Horizontal Triceps Pulley Kick

In this case, we use a pulley machine to exercise this muscle. To do this, we stand looking at the pulley, taking into account that it must be located at a low height. Afterwards, the body has to be tilted until the back is parallel to the ground. And then, taking the pulley, you have to do the following movement: bring the arm from a 90º position to full extension.BEST EXERCISES TRICEPS

It is a recommended exercise that can help to relieve the tension of the shoulders and at the same time to exercise the triceps area with enough precision, and also, with the pulley work it is easier for the triceps to support the load of the weight.

French Press

To achieve triceps hypertrophy, that is, excessive muscle development, another exercise that you need to put into practice is the French press . To do this, you need to stand on a bench with both feet resting on the ground.


In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the gluteus is always well supported on the bench, in the same way as the head, in a relaxed position to avoid neck pain. The arms must be fully extended once we bring the dumbbells up, and then we will lower them through the sides of the head until we return to the starting position.

Triceps in upper pulley with bar

This is one of the most fundamental exercises when it comes to working these muscles, as well as frequent when going to the gym, even in the most exclusive gym of all.

In fact, this exercise is always included in any complete series that is performed. In addition, it is one of the simplest, when using a moderate weight, depending on the level of training. In such a way that it is suitable for beginners with little weight and a basic for the most experts, already with greater weight.

Triceps in upper pulley with rope

The upper pulley triceps exercise with rope is equally frequent as the previous one and is based on the same but using a bar in this case. We stand before the high pulley and grasp the rope with both hands, in such a way that the palms face downward. Then, we extend the elbows and ( BEST EXERCISES TRICEPS )  bring the handle of the pulley down, without detaching the elbows from the trunk. Once the repetition is completed, we return to the starting position and continue until the end of the series.

: Dips in parallel

The triceps dips is a key exercise to complete a training based on arm work since it has “great transfer in terms of strength”, since through this exercise a lot of weight is moved and with great intensity.


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