Tyler Christensen Found – Passed Away

Tyler Christensen Found ​- The group of a missing Mukilteo high schooler says there have been no new leads in his vanishing. Sixteen-year-old Tyler Christensen evaporated on April 19, 2016 while strolling to an adolescent gathering meeting at chapel.

In a post on the ‘Help Find Tyler’ Facebook page, they posted this update.

“After three years we miss you considerably more, Tyler. You are consistently in our souls and on our psyches. He is as yet absent. We actually don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred, nor do we have any new leads or updates. We continue looking, sharing, trusting, supplicating. We haven’t surrendered. Believing the One Who knows every one of the appropriate responses, regardless of whether we won’t ever will.” Following his vanishing, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said that their test highlighted him “making arrangements to leave the territory and that he left his home on his own volition.” But agents said they’d in any case prefer to discover him to guarantee he’s protected. “We got a tip that somebody had gotten him among Kingston and Poulsbo,” said Liz Christensen, Tyler’s sister. She said her sibling was seen bumming a ride on that very night he vanished. They accept he took a ship to Kingston. The one who gave him a ride said Tyler appeared to be perky and was requesting bearings to Shelton and intending to go climbing in the Olympics.

For what reason did Tyler disappear?

“I’d prefer to ask him that. I genuinely don’t have the foggiest idea,” said Liz. She said there were no issues at home and they have no clue about why he left. She figures he may simply be on an undertaking and searching for something, however has no clue about what that is. “We would prefer to circle back to a few leads that don’t prompt Tyler than pass up that one piece of information that could help us discover him,” said Liz. She is trusting individuals will go to supermarkets, cafés, officer stations and corner stores and post the pamphlets, particularly in Shelton and the Olympic Peninsula. She is likewise reassuring individuals to help look for them yet reminding them to go in groups, search during sunlight hours and to dress properly for the climate. “The last thing we would need is for another person to disappear while looking for Tyler,” said Liz. She’s supplicating her sibling is okay and trusting he realizes how much his family cherishes him. “We need Tyler to get back home. Anything that’s going on. It doesn’t make any difference why he left. We’re not frantic, we’re not disturbed. We simply need to realize that he’s OK,” said Liz. Tyler is 5-foot-11, 145 pounds with blue eyes and light earthy colored hair in a buzz trim. On the off chance that you see him, call 91

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