What are the best ways to lose weight?

What are the best ways to lose weight?


What are the best ways to lose weight? If you need to lose weight you can achieve it with a healthy diet and exercise and to help you, we propose 50 tips or ideas that will help you lose weight

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give talks to people who needed to lose weight, and so he started his own business known as Weight Watchers, with its point system. English health (1.4 kilos of weight). Another study conducted in the same year at the University of Munich and Sydney also confirmed the same, the Weight Watchers group lost twice as much weight as those on a medical diet. When it comes to checking if the weight loss is maintained by leaving the diet with the group, 20% of those in the Weight Watchers group maintain their weight What are the best ways to lose weight?

3. Eat ‘without’.

reduce refined carbohydrates and foods rich in flour.
In some cases, stopping gluten could improve some health problems, they also lost weight, increased energy and reduced joint pain, allergies and other symptoms. What are the best ways to lose weight?

4. Use your senses at the table.


Taste is not the only one of the senses used to eat, researchers at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo in Italy have found that using the 5 senses at the table makes us select and eat the food we need without eating more . There are studies that say that you can eat less by choosing the color of the food that we mix on the plate and use on the dishes and tablecloth (we eat more with bright colors).


Smells are also important, 80% of what we taste is due to the smell of food, 20% is flavor. By adding artificial aromas we eat more quantity, while we eat less when the smell is due only to the food produced. Managing all 6 flavors is key too (salty, sweet, sour, sour, umami, and fat).

The sweet taste induces us to eat more even if we are full, the same happens when we try new flavors or varied mixtures, there is always room for another lid if they taste different from the previous one. As for the sense of touch, not much has been studied, but biting, chewing and swallowing have a lot to do with this sense, and when we chew our food well, we eat less and digest better. there is always room for another cover if they taste different from the previous one.

As for the sense of touch, not much has been studied, but biting, chewing and swallowing have a lot to do with this sense, and when we chew our food well, we eat less and digest better. there is always room for another cover if they taste different from the previous one. As for the sense of touch, not much has been studied, but biting, chewing and swallowing have a lot to do with this sense, and when we chew our food well, we eat less and digest better. What are the best ways to lose weight?

5. Find the right time to start a diet.

Social pressure has imposed fashions to start dieting like after Christmas or before summer, but this only works for a few weeks, and it is that it is not the right time or it is not possible to maintain the diet for long enough to create healthy habits. There are few studies that say when is the best time to start a diet, I personally think it depends on each person and their circumstances.

6. Eat prunes.

Not just to go to the bathroom regularly. According to new work from the University of Liverpool, presented at the European Obesity Congress, women who ate a handful of prunes a day for 12 weeks had greater weight loss and a greater reduction in waist circumference than those who they did not.

7. Eat breakfast to eat less and better.

It is the Achilles heel of dieting, few people take time to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. Try having breakfast for a month, you will see if you really lose weight and it is worth it or not, get up earlier and start the day well. But if you are one of those people who do not need breakfast, don’t be overwhelmed either, there are some studies that are turning the issue of the need for breakfast. As there are different opinions, I think that each person should try and see if having a strong, light breakfast or no breakfast is the most appropriate for them. Sometimes simple change is what works. What are the best ways to lose weight? If you did not have breakfast before, having a healthy breakfast or if you already had a strong breakfast, skipping breakfast or making a lighter breakfast may be what helps you lose weight.

8. Accept the healthy weight.

This is more difficult advice to follow than it sounds. There are people who still want to lose weight even though they are at their healthy weight. There are studies that have found that some overweight and obese people do not have any health problems, they are even active people, athletes and who suffer seeing how they do not lose weight or seem to be in shape because they are “big” physique.

If this is your case, you can starve, sweat and try diets and workouts every month, and continue to suffer when looking in the mirror. I do not consider it healthy or intelligent, I believe that after adolescence the complexes have to be overcome, and being thin is not synonymous with health in all cases. Accepting yourself makes you don’t have to lose weight.

9. Learn from the failures of previous diets.

Each diet is an apprenticeship. With each diet we gain experience in our metabolism, we get to know each other better and we discover which method is the most beneficial for us. Each person is different, make your experience your guide and learn new things with what is discovered every day in nutrition.

10. Eat sweet for breakfast.

Another idea ousted with a new study that found that people with a sweet tooth can include sweet but healthy foods such as homemade cakes or cookies, muesli or homemade cereals, bars, sweet fruits, dates or raisins, chocolate, bread with jam, etc., in small servings at breakfast, and keep losing weight.

Apparently, the effect is psychological, if you like sweets and you know that you can eat it first thing in the morning, you take better care of what you eat during the rest of the day and are faithful to the diet as long as you have your sugar ration first thing in the morning.


11. Train on an empty stomach.

The scientists where they said ‘I say’ also say ‘diego’, and in this regard to breakfast, there are as many studies in favor as against the idea of losing weight or not depending on whether you have a good breakfast first thing in the morning, or you go hungry and get hungry. shoes for fasting training.

Personally, I think it works if you do it eventually, with high intensity workouts first thing in the morning, and controlling what you eat the rest of the day so you don’t overeat because you haven’t had breakfast.

12. Avoid hunger that makes us eat uncontrollably.

Diets that leave us hungry can slow down our metabolism.

13. Learn to starve.

Yes, I contradict myself, but it is that the new current of diets that come to us are based on the feeling of hunger that we have lost because we eat every few hours to … lose weight. Hormonal regulation is complex, and everything is in its infancy in this issue of intermittent fasting, we will have to wait for a couple of years to pass. What are the best ways to lose weight?

What if I advise you is that you discover the sensation of real hunger, we have lost it and we confuse hunger for anxiety, nervousness or boredom with physical hunger that makes our guts ruffle and we get in a bad mood. Learn to differentiate hunger to help you design a diet that helps you lose weight by eating right and exercising.

14. Pistachios and nuts: calories that make you lose weight.

Another new contradiction, nuts such as pistachios are foods that are very high in calories due to their high fat content, but as they also have magnesium, B vitamins, carbohydrates and a lot of fiber, eating them in small quantities helps to fill us up earlier in diets to lose weight.

15. Fruit, yogurt and nuts.

If you don’t know what to eat between meals, apart from a piece of fresh fruit, have natural yogurt and natural nuts on hand (not roasted or salted). It’s a good combination of fiber, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, B vitamins, and minerals to fill a hungry belly and have the energy to hit the gym and burn fat.

16. Put yourself in the hands of specialists to lose weight.
If you’ve tried everything, don’t keep doing the diet that worked for your fifth-neighbor’s son to lose 50 kilos. People who are dedicated to Diet and Nutrition or physical training are experts in losing weight. Look for a person with serious training, with good references and with whom you connect well. Invest money in you, and change your weight.

17. Weigh yourself once a week.

Weighing yourself once a day is pointless when you are losing weight. There are good days, bad days, and days when nothing happens in the weight. Get a good scale, which not only gives you the weight in kilos, you also need to know the percentage of fat and muscle, because this way you will see if diet and training are making you lose fat and gain muscle even if you do not lose weight. . And help yourself with a good mobile application to see your progress each week in a graph, and have more data on your evolution.

18. Set goals.

It is difficult to stay motivated when you need to lose more than 10 kilos, this takes several months of taking care of what you eat and training weekly. If you set yourself small goals or rewards every week or every month, it will be easier for you to stick to your plan. If you dream of a jeans 3 sizes less than yours, this will be your final goal, but along the way you can propose to buy some short running tights (and thus you will go out to release them), go to a massage center for athletes (where you they will leave you without that pull that you get on your bike), go to dinner sushi (it’s low-fat food), etc.

19. Learn to shop well with a shopping list and a weekly menu.

If you organize your weekly meal plan along with a shopping list, it will be easier for you to eat healthy and not find yourself with an empty refrigerator just before going to the gym. What usually ends in going shopping instead of training, and as you shop hungry and without thinking, you choose the least suitable foods for your plan and end up eating potato chips at the supermarket. Organize your strategy when it comes to losing weight and going shopping.

20. Don’t stay to watch the food ads.

What do you want to eat chocolate ice cream after seeing the solid or solid turn purple by the spoonful? Well, if it happens to you, imagine the effect that advertisements for snacks, sweets and sweet drinks have on children. According to a study conducted in England, children wanted to eat these foods right after they ran these ads at snack time on children’s programming, but asked for fruit if they were shown ads for tasty fruits at the same time. Better to do something useful while the ads are running, even if it’s just making a few funds. I do, so I don’t comment anymore.

21. Hide white sugar at home.

Replace the sweet taste and you will lose weight. A month of not using any type of sugar in your dishes and drinks is enough to regain the taste that you have lost due to the excess of sweet flavor in your day to day. Try and you will see how you lose weight without realizing it. When you stop eating candy, you stop needing candy.

22.  Reduce fat absorption by cooking with seaweed.

At the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, they have found a common compound in algae that makes the body absorb less fat. Seaweed contains a type of mucilaginous fiber that is like a gel that swells in the stomach, that is why it has been used to produce a feeling of fullness and reduce the intake in meals. Now it seems that this gel also lines the intestinal walls and makes it difficult to absorb fats. In addition, seaweed is rich in iodine, a mineral necessary to avoid hypothyroidism, a disease in which the thyroid gland does not work properly and is associated with weight gain.

31. More spices, more spicy.

Hot spices produce heat immediately when added to dishes. This increase in body temperature is not negligible, if you sweat, burn calories, in the gym or at the table. In addition, most spices have a special flavor that helps you enjoy your food more, eat more slowly and feel full sooner.

32. If you sin, let it be black.

Chocolate is allowed in many weight loss diets, but only if it is high in cocoa, over 75%. Despite its high caloric value due to its fat content, dark chocolate has fiber, magnesium and antioxidants, and mood modulating substances that help you maintain energy to move more each day and prevent you from eating according to your mood. If you don’t go more than 2 ounces of black a day, you can have chocolate in your diet to lose weight.

33. Hydration “On the rocks”.

Have you heard of the ice diet?

Search for “The Ice Diet’s Web site”, its creator is Dr. Brian Weiner, a gastroenterologist at Rutgers University, bases his diet on taking ice cubes and very cold foods, because the body temperature rises to heat them up, thus burning more calories. According to this “cold” Dr. Weiner, eating a liter of ice (about 4 glasses of cubes) will burn about 160 calories more. Which at the end of the month is half a kilo. Personally, I do not like the method, I would not chew ice cubes, but I do think that drinking very cold drinks can help you lose weight, not only because it involves minimal energy expenditure, but also because if you increase the amount of water per day, you improve hydration and because eating cold helps you fill up earlier.

34. Put cinnamon instead of sugar.

Cinnamon is a tree bark with a very peculiar flavor. Studies have been counting for years that it also helps to regulate blood insulin levels, regulating glucose levels. Perhaps that is why many sweets have a touch of cinnamon. It is the popular wisdom that it also works to prevent being overweight and developing diabetes.

35. Step by step: Food and exercise.

I never get tired of repeating it, what works is to change habits little by little, learn to eat well and exercise wisely. You don’t have to do strict diets or extreme marathons. A study published in the Annals of Behaviorial Medicine just found the same thing.


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