What’s Reason Behind Shomaila And Hassam Separation

What’s Reason Behind Shomaila And Hassam Separation

The trending and sad new coming besides Shomaila and hassam separation. Many people are asking what was the main reason behind it. In today’s article we will talk about it and will disclose the reason behind of their separation.

But, before that if you don’t know about them let me introduce both of them.


Shomaila and Hassam Ahmad Awam are Pakistani popular vloger and influencers. Having a baby name Hussna Hassam. They were live in Islamabad and having beautiful life but suddenly news came of their separation. People are wondering why they got sperate. So, according to them they have some family issues and shomaila file a case over hassam.

Shomail and hassam Separation

Additionally, she recorded that hassam doesn’t allow her for her freedom. However, hassam point of view was that she is not following Islamic rules.

Furthermore, recently hassam uploaded a video for his daughter Hussna Hassan.


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