Why is Kelly Clarkson Leaving the Voice – What’s Happening?

Why is Kelly Clarkson Leaving the Voice – Twenty years subsequent to winning American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has become a little screen heavyweight. Subsequent to acquiring three Daytime Emmy grants for The Kelly Clarkson Show and in any event, being approached to get back to the show that kicked her off, Kelly has demonstrated that she’s an awe-inspiring phenomenon, yet her co-mentors on The Voice are prepared for the fight to come.

As we approach the Battle Rounds, watchers notice that Kelly isn’t in her standard huge red seat. Be that as it may, why? Is Kelly Clarkson leaving The Voice?

Is Kelly Clarkson leaving ‘The Voice’ once more?

As of now, there are no signs that Kelly Clarkson will leave The Voice, however she will be missing during the forthcoming Battle Rounds, which were at first recorded in late January.

Kelly, who was debilitated at that point, brought in fortifications to incidentally oversee #TeamKelly during her vacation, however we’re certain that she will get back to guarantee her seat after March 29. Kelly recently instructed on The Voice for one season before she left and returned for Season 14.

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